Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game 139 Recap - Pirates 7, Cubs 5

You know when a player gets hurt and goes on the disabled list they probably lose some timing and haven’t played in a competitive baseball game while they were injured so they want to get ready before they step back and play in a competitive baseball game. Derrek Lee laughs at those guys. Lee came off the DL today, in a big way, as he hit the go ahead grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning off of Cubs closer Carlos Marmol with two outs. I am going to admit that this was the first time that I actually jumped up out of my seat and screamed for the Pirates in some time and let me tell you what, it felt GREAT. The game was actually held up for some time (I don’t know how long) due to a pretty bad storm that rolled through the Chicago area in the bottom of the seventh inning with two runners on and no outs, but who cares. Ross Ohlendorf got his third start since coming off the DL and to be honest I have no idea what to think about Ross. He was OK for much of the day after loaded the bases in the first inning and getting out of it but it looked a little more like the Cubs sucking than Ross actually doing anything great. He did look better than his last start against the Astros and he was hitting his spots, for the most part, for a majority of the day. He only was able to go four plus innings as things fell apart in the fifth inning, but the bullpen was there to pick him up. The bullpen was kind of up and down on the day but in the end it was Chris Leroux and Chris Resop that really were the players of note outside of Lee. After Ohlendorf got no outs and loaded the bases, including letting a run score, Leroux was called on to try and salvage something and that he did. Leroux gave up a fielder’s choice to his first batter to score the go head run, at the time, and then got a pop out and fly out to get out of the inning. He then worked another perfect inning. Chris Resop then came in to relieve Daniel McCutchen who lead the seventh off with a single, walk, wild pitch, double and hit by pitch. A truly diverse “inning” for McCutchen. Never fear because Resop, who has been pretty unreliable lately, came on and got a strikeout then a fly out then a strikeout to hold the deficit at only two. Huge inning from Resop who then came back out and struck out another batter in another scoreless inning. The Pirates offense was, once again, led by speedster Alex Presley who is just so red hot right now it really isn’t even fair. Presley scored a run to go along with a double but he is just seeing the ball really well and it is nice to see. I was worried about Presley after he came off the DL because he really struggled, in a bad way, but he seems to have got things right. I still don’t know about Presley in the long term but right now it looks as if he is going to be this team’s starting left fielder in 2012. I honestly don’t know how Lee does it. He has been hitting some BP and hitting off a tee but there is nothing like getting live at bats against pitchers to get you back into game shape. Lee had three hits tonight, two in his first two at bats, and the biggest one of the game. I am not 100% sure what I think about Lee coming back to the team. I know he has been pretty good while he was here but this is almost identical to the Overbay situation. A guy that is on the tail end of his career that plays good defense. I haven’t thought about it too much but I am not sure what else is out there for the Pirates. The Bucs also are on somewhat of a tear hitting triples. Ronnie Cedeno had one today off of Kerry Wood and that marks three straight games where the Pirates have hit a three bagger. Granted Alex Presley has hit all but the one today but that is still pretty good since it hasn’t seem like there has been a ton of them (maybe I am wrong) given all the speed the Pirates put on the field on a nightly basis. The Bucs are out of it and I have known that for a while, but winning is a lot more fun than losing. Hopefully Charlie Morton keeps the trend going tomorrow.

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