Sunday, September 4, 2011

Game 140 Recap - Cubs 6, Pirates 3

Well, it turns out that some things just never change. At the beginning of they year when the Pirates were winning what seemed to be like every series but they could never close out the third game for a sweep? Well in the recent past the Pirates haven't been in that position too much so we really didn't think about it that much. Today the Pirates proved that they are, in fact, that same team when they were defeated by the Cubs in a possible sweep game.

Charlie Morton had a dreadful game, as did the whole pitching staff. To be honest I am shocked on how the Cubs only scored four runs and how the Pirates still had a fighting chance in this game. The staff as a whole walked nine batters, hit one and gave up 10 hits. That is 22 base runners and they only gave up six runs. I have no idea how the staff did it.

Morton only went 4.1 innings and gave up four runs, three earned, and seven hits. Morton had a ton of control issues as he walked five batters and hit one so he was in a lot of trouble all day and had pitch count issues all day. It just wasn't his day for a second straight start, but with how he has been pitching he will go off on a streak of five straight starts where he doesn't give up an earned run. It just sucks because a sweep would have been really nice today.

The hitters were actually pretty good today getting 10 hits. Alex Presley continues to play some great baseball as he had two hits and scored a run to bump his season average to .325. Derrek Lee had three hits today with an RBI and a run scored and is hitting at a .407/.429/.815 clip and while that is from a very small sample size it is nice to know there is someone in the middle of the lineup that can produce. Ronny Cedeno continues to hit the ball well this year with two hits.

All things considered it was a good series for the Pirates. They got two wins and got a series win against a team they should have. They open up a series on Monday against the Astros so that should be fun.

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