Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game 162 Recap and Some Season Thoughts - Brewers 7, Pirates 3

The season is over. 162 games in the book and the 2011 season ended with a loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on a Pedro Alvarez strikeout for the final out. Not sure if there is a more fitting way to end the season but if there is then I would love to see it.

The Pirates never really stood a whole lot of a chance in this game. The Pirates got behind early when starter Jeff Locke gave up home runs to Jon Lucroy and Corey Hart in the third inning. Jason Jaramillio singled home a run in the fourth inning to cut the lead in half but that was all done away with when Carlos Gomez went deep in the fourth inning that scored three more runs.

Locke seemed to have cemented his spot in Indy as he didn't look all that great and left a lot of pitches up in the zone. He could use some more time in Indy to fix himself up and hopefully be someone we can rely on in the future.

The hitters weren't all that great tonight either. Neil Walker finished up a pretty good year with doubles number 35 and 36 to finish the season hitting .273 but the Pirates as a team only had six hits. Not going to cut it.

This recap isn't about as much with the game than it is just a quick reflection on how the season has gone. I haven't been around for a lot of Pirates recaps lately because of travel and work but I was still able to follow the team. This was a disastrous way to finish the season for the Pirates. At the All-Star break the team was right there with hopes of at least getting a .500 season but it all went so terribly wrong. Winter finally came for the pitching staff and the offense got no better especially since the lineup was littered with AAAA guys.

Pedro Alvarez struggled this year and the offense never really found the groove. The pitching was nothing short of outstanding during the first half and then reverted back to what it was like last season. There was great times that included Michael McKenry going deep on the Sox and there were terrible times when the Pirates lose on a terrible call in the 19th inning.

I have been blogging now for three Pirates seasons and watching for many, many, more. This was the most fun I have had for a season in a really long time. Over the summer the lead up to the game was awesome and PNC Park filling up without the incentive of promotions was really cool to see.

Although this is more of a three sport blog I am going to try and find some time to write a more in depth recap of the 2011 season but right now I just can't help feel a little blah about everyone. I didn't want to see the season end and even though the Penguins are coming back on and the Steelers are in full swing there isn't much like watching a great baseball game on a Wednesday night.

I also wanted to say thank you to every single person that has come by the blog or stopped in the Live Blogs we have for every game. I really appreciate it and hope that you continue to come back for the other things I write here for the Steelers and Penguins. If you don't get into those sports then still stop back because I will still be doing Pirates stuff here in the off season and as always you can hit me up on twitter to bs about the Pirates anytime. Everyone that comes here to read is why I do the blog and I really want to say thank you to everyone for the good and bad times this season.

Can't wait for opening day 2012 already. Lets Go Bucs!

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