Saturday, November 26, 2011

Game 24 Recap - Penguins 4, Canadiens 3 (OT)

When you got into the Bell Centre you expect the fans to get the Canadiens about seven or eight calls. You expect the officiating to be terrible and you probably expect Carey Price and PK Subban to act like they are in seventh grade drama class. Usually these games end up in overtime with something ridiculous happens and tonight was no different. To be honest this was the best ending that could have happened. Actually the only thing that would have made tonight better would have been if Soupcan make a crutial turnover on the game winning goal. This helped though: Big thanks to @BigBurgher for getting the vid. This made the win a million times better. I hate the Habs. To be honest there was a ton of shit that happened in this game and I can’t even touch all of it. You have to start with the officiating being absolutely brutal all game. I am not even talking about the calls being bad just against the Penguins but this was one of the worst officiated games of the year that I have seen. Just brutal. Kris Letang was a monster tonight. In the third period he was the recipient of a blatant headshot that broke his nose and sent him to the locker room for a few minutes. Letang might have missed like one shift and is back in time for overtime to start. He then ended the game with a goal in overtime that probably should have never happened but whatever. Oh, the head shot you ask, well that was given by Max Pacioretty and here is a look at it: There was no penalty on the play. No idea how Pacioretty doesn’t go to the box for five minutes and get thrown out of the game. You know what I didn’t notice? Montreal booing the roof off the building and calling for Pacioretty to be arrested for assault. It must be said that he did go to Letang after the game and apologize which I respect but that doesn’t mean he should get off without penalty. Oh, and for the game winner? Suck it Montreal. Truth be told this should have been blown dead but I don’t even care. It sucks but play to the whistle, the Penguins did. This was a terrible call so Montreal fans if you are reading this please save your breathe with how you were screwed out of a game. Maybe if your team didn’t pack it in half way through then we wouldn’t have this problem. The Canadiens got a 3-1 lead just over halfway through the game with an Erik Cole goal but then they went back into a shell and gave the game away. The Penguins continued to play their game and grind down the Habs and they were rewarded with a Pascal Dupuis goal with just over three minutes left in the second period and then Jordan Staal tied it up on a pretty filthy move with 4:30 left in the game to send it to OT. Carey Price was actually really good tonight. He gave up a goal to Evgeni Malkin just 21 seconds into the game but then made some spectacular saves and was poised to shut down the Penguins after that but the Pens were too much. They got 42 shots on Price and finally grinded down the Habs and beat Price. Outside from his little temper tantrum he was pretty big time tonight. No idea how he earned the third star of the game giving up four goals but whatever. No idea what the Habs were doing all game though. They dominated the faceoff circle winning 43 of 68 attempts but they were just brutal giving the puck up 16 times. That is an unreal amount of giveaways. The Penguins are a good hockey team but any time you have a goaltender standing on his head like Price was for much of the first half of the game you have to give a little more offensive zone time. PK Subban is a very talented player but he is one of the most reckless players in the league. He is very effective in agitating, which he does very well as any fan can note, but he did it with no regard for the safety and well being of any other player. If a stat was kept on slew foots and stomping situations then Subban would easily lead the league. What a douche. MAF gave up a few goals early but once again he clamped down when he needed to and made some big time saves late in the game. He isn’t always going to put up the big time stats but he is going to win games and make clutch saves. I will take that every day of the week. Whatever. Suck it Montreal.

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