Friday, January 20, 2012

Bruce Arians To Retire

Today it was announced that Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will retire and not return to the team next year. This isn't something that is a shock, today, as we probably knew this was going to happen from a few days ago when it was hinted that BA would not be back.

I really covered a lot of this a few days ago when I talked about BA probably not coming back so if you would like just click the link and read that over real quick.

I might be one of the few people that actually like BA and didn't mind him as the offensive coordinator of the team but that is not the sediment across Steelers Nation. I heard some people saying that BA lost the Steelers games through his tenure but in the same respect he won them a ton of games more than he lost.

I do not like him not being back next year but you really can't fault a guy for retiring, especially if it is for health reasons like last year. There is some talk that he was forced to retire as the Steelers really didn't want to "fire" him but who knows. Not sure if I buy that. Anyways, I wish him all the luck in his retirement.

There are a lot of names being thrown out there by fans. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers decide to stay in house or go outside. Some sediment (I used that word twice already?) that Randy Fichtner might be in line to be the offensive coordinator after serving on the staff as the quarterbacks coach. It was also rumored that Kirby Wilson was in contention before his terrible accident that leaves him in critical condition in the hospital. As always Coach Wilson is in our prayers and we all hope for a speedy and healthy recovery. There are outside guys but there are too many to name. Mike Tomlin and some staff will be at the Senior Bowl so I assume they will talk to people there.

Gonna be a different type of off season.

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