Sunday, January 8, 2012

Steelers Wild Card Prelim Recap: Denver 29, Pittsburgh 23 (OT)

Well that really wasn't the ending we thought was going to happen was it? The first overtime game with the new NFL overtime rules and all the Broncos did was take the first play and go 80 yards for a touchdown. I don't have a ton of time for what I thought of the game so I just wanted to throw up a few key points before I completely forget everything. Full recap will come tomorrow or Tuesday.

-Ike Taylor might have played his worst game as a Steeler. I am the biggest Taylor supporter as anyone out there but tonight was brutal. He gave up big play after big play and really looked lost. It was easily the worst game of the season for him. Bad games happen, it just sucks it happened in the playoffs.

-Hats off to Tim Tebow. I bashed him pretty hard in the preview and all he did was come out and throw for 316 yards and the game winning score in overtime. While it wasn't pretty he got the job done and also ran for 50 yards. I will eat my crow. Big ups.

-Heath Miller was outstanding tonight. It wasn't just catching the football it was running the ball as well. He was outstanding in his blocking assignments and made big plays all the time.

-The Broncos were just a better football team. It was really remarkable the Steelers were able to be in this game with how bad they played. This defense never gives up big plays and that is all they did today. Not having Ryan Clark proved to be bigger than anyone else thought.

-Ike Redman was also good today. I still think Mendenhall is the best back on the team but situations like this make you wonder how a running back gets selected in the first round, ever.

-The Steelers were banged up, but that is what happens when you are as old as the Steelers are, especially on defense. Kiesel and Hampton went down in the first quarter and the defense had the Steelers had only three down lineman. Bad times.

-I love Mike Tomlin and he is the coach of this team for a long time to come but his clock management is bad. The Steelers left a lot of points on the field before both halves. Sucks.

-This team is going to look a lot different next year. Should be a lot younger.

-Lastly I am always and will always be a Steelers fan. 12-4 is nothing to sneeze at. It was a good year, just a bad way to end it.

Like I said I will get a recap out in the next couple of days. Leave your thoughts in the comments if you want to see something covered.

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  1. Miller also made that great save on the botched snap. Tough ending, but thanks for keeping us informed throughout the season.