Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Penguins Game 51 Recap - Leafs 1, Penguins 0

For what the game was like last night the game tonight was a polar opposite. Last night there were seven goals scored and almost 80 shots and tonight there was only one goal scored and significantly less shots on goal. The result was also a little different as the Penguins fell to the Leafs on the backend of the home-and-home 1-0.

There really wasn’t a lot to this game. The Penguins were pretty bad defensively but tonight it was totally different as the defense came out and looked much smoother. Deryk Engellend was out with an injury so Ben Lovejoy was thrown back into the mix and played a pretty nice hockey game. Paul Martin bounced back pretty well and overall the Penguins did a nice job of putting a shell around Brent Johnson.

Sadly for BJ the Penguins offense was held in check and couldn’t get anything going. They did have some scoring chances but they missed the net on many of its shot attempts and then even clanged the pipe three different times. For as much good luck as the Penguins have had over the eight game winning streak it all really ran out tonight. It happens.

Some quick thoughts:

-For as bad as BJ has been this season he was nothing like that tonight. He really came out and shut the door and did everything he could to get the Penguins the win. The only thing he didn’t do was pitch a shutout and you can’t really blame him for that. Your offense has to score for you to win and the Penguins couldn’t do that. This should give HCDB some confidence in Johnson to play him a little more in the second half and that will be nice.

-Kris Letang was all over the place tonight. I wouldn’t classify Letang as a physical player but if you watched the game tonight you wouldn’t have thought that. He was throwing the body around and making some pretty big hits.

-It was back to the clutch and grab era in Toronto tonight. If you know anything about me you know that I don’t think officials determine the outcome of games but those officials tonight were pretty bad. They weren’t bad just against the Penguins, they were bad overall. You could do whatever you wanted in the neutral zone and interfere as much as you want. The “slash” on Kris Letang was laughable and thinking that Chris Kunitz goal was good (which got righted via replay) was bad as well. No idea what game these officials were watching.

-Chris Kunitz got another goal taken away. Not sure who tweeted it but rumor is that it is the sixth goal this year that Kunitz had taken away. To be fair it was a good call (replay made the call) and it shouldn’t have been a goal but still that has to be some kind of record for a season.

-The Penguins had 23 missed shots and 25 shots total. That is a lot of missed shots.

-The Penguins penalty kill was out of its mind tonight. They successfully killed all four penalties against them and really made it look easy.

Penguins will need to get back on the winning ways against Boston on Saturday afternoon.

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