Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pirates Blogger Roundtable Podcast

Once again I was lucky enough to be asked back on a podcast that was hosted by Jon at McEffect along with Brian at Raise the Jolly Roger and Jim at Northside Notch to talk some Pirates stuff that is going on.

It was a pretty good podcast where we talked a vast amount about the new that AJ Burnett might be a Pirate and the trade that was turned down by the Pirates that the Yankees offered where they would get Garrett Jones. We also got into a nice discussion about the Pirates prospects since Keith Law included a few of them in his top-100 list this week. We also got into the outfield situation that the Pirates have and even got into why all of us started blogging.

It was some really good stuff and you should give it a listen if you have a spare 40 minutes. Thanks again to all those guys for including me.

Click here to listen/download the podcast.

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