Friday, March 30, 2012

TRBB 2012 NL Central Podcast Preview - Milwaukee Brewers with @RyanTopp

As I have been talking about for the past couple of weeks I have put together a little podcast series to kick off baseball season. While here at Three Rivers Burgh Blog I usually talk a ton about the Pirates I don't typically get a chance to get more in depth with any other teams that they play their games against.

This is where this series is going to go. I was lucky enough to get a blogger from each of the NL Central team's to sit down with me and talk about their teams as they prepare for the 2012 season. Every day this week there will be a new podcast up that last anywhere from 40-50 minutes where we touch on everything about our rival teams. We hear about the story lines of spring training, the minor league system and a more in depth look on what each team is working with for 2012.

The podcast's will be released in reverse order by where each respective team finished in the 2011 season with the exception of the Pittsburgh Pirates which I will be throwing out last. Today we continue the series with the Milwaukee Brewers. Joining me on the podcast will be Ryan from the Disciples of Uecker.

I want to just say thanks to Ryan for coming on and talking about the Brewers. Make sure you are following him on twitter and checking out the site for all the information you need on the Brewers. Those guys do a top notch job with everything.

Make sure you check back every day this week for more NL Central team previews. Tomorrow we will be sitting down with a blogger from YOUR Pittsburgh Pirates to wrap up the series.

As always you can find all the TRBB Podcast's (including this series) on iTunes. All you need to do is type in "Three Rivers Burgh Blog Podcast" and sign up to have them downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, iPod automatically so you never miss out on the goings on.

So with all that being said here is the TRBB NL Central Podcast Preview series with the Milwaukee Brewers:

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