Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pirates Game 5 Recap - Dodgers 4, Pirates 1

The more things change and the more they stay the same is the adage that some use when talking about a situation but when nothing changes then you can damn sure expect the results to be the same. That was the key with the Pirates tonight as they were pretty much shut down in another loss to the Dodgers to move them to 2-3.

It was a pretty close game for most of the night until the seventh inning when the Dodgers opened with a pair of leadoff hits and then scored three runs off Evan Meek who didn’t look good and it was all over after that. The only offense that the Pirates could muster was a Clint Barmes solo home run to give the Pirates a 1-0 lead but the Dodgers answered back with a run of their own the next half inning.

Alex Presley extended his hitting streak to five games this season. Outside of that and the Barmes home run there wasn’t too much else going on. Pedro Alvarez actually had a decent night as he took a ball to the wall in his first at bat and line a shot right at the second baseman in his third at bat with a strikeout in the middle.

Chad Billingsley pretty much had his way as he only yielded the one run along with four strikeouts and five hits. His counterpart wasn’t as good although you can’t really say it was a bad outing for Erik Bedard. He went five plus innings and gave up a pair of runs with three strikeouts although he was hit around for eight hits. Not idea and he did throw 88 pitches in his five plus innings so that wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible.

This was a pretty hard game to watch. Not only were the Dodgers fan mainly clueless about what was going on during the game but the Pirates were just flat. They did have a few hits and a couple good at bats but the frustrating part is that they are not able to string good at bats together. It is fine if you have a handful of good at bats but when only one of them happens an inning then that is a problem. A two out double is nice but if you can’t ever even come close to getting him in then is it really good?

Dee Gordon is really fast. Nothing more needs to be said.

I think I am mainly negative tonight because it was a bad Pittsburgh sports night. Hopefully the Pirates can get back on the winning track tomorrow.

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