Friday, April 13, 2012

Pirates Game 7 Recap - Giants 5, Pirates 0

Just when you think things can’t get much worse they do. Today the Pirates were actually pretty lucky in losing for the fourth straight time to the Giants. I say lucky because they came dangerously close to having a perfect game thrown on them by Matt Cain. You know who got the only hit in the game (in the sixth inning)? James McDonald. Brutal.

I could sit here and tell you why the game was bad but I don’t want to be here all night. Literally nobody on the offensive end had a good day. Nobody. When your pitcher is the only guy that reaches base you know it was bad day and that is putting it lightly.

Cain is pretty good at pitching and today he was. He went the distance and gave up the one base runner and struck out 11 Pirates. It marked the eighth time in his career where he has struck out double digit batters. Garrett Jones and Pedro Alvarez both struck out three times and Alex Presley and Neil Walker each struck out a pair of times.

James McDonald reverted back to his 2011 self as he only went 5.2 innings and threw 88 pitches. The pitch count wasn’t great but what made it worse was that he only threw 43 of those pitches for strikes. Any time you throw less than half of your pitches for strikes you are going to be in trouble. I guess the silver lining for this is that McDonald only gave up three runs and really gave the Pirates a chance to hang around. It wasn’t good but he only gave up six hits. Could have been a ton worse.

No need to say anything else. They play the Giants again tomorrow. Who knows if they will get any hits or runs.

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