Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pirates Roundtable Podcast Episode 10

Once again I was lucky enough to be asked back on a podcast that was hosted by Jon at McEffect along with Brian at Raise the Jolly Roger and Jim at Northside Notch to talk some Pirates stuff that is going on.

Another great episode of the roundtable podcast. After a week off of the podcast we are back with some more hard hitting (hardly) action (not sure if you can count that). Today we take a look at the Pirates season so far through the first five games and what we can expect from this offense going forward. We talk a lot about the offense through the podcast and we also touch on the situation that is going to present itself when Charlie Morton comes back this weekend and who the Pirates will send down. We also take our weekly look at Pedro Alvarez and how he is doing. We finish up the podcast with some rotation talk and about A.J. Burnett and when we can expect him back It was some really good stuff and you should give it a listen if you have a spare hour. Thanks again to all those guys for including me.

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