Sunday, April 15, 2012

Conference Quarterfinals Game 3 Recap - Flyers 8, Penguins 4

Not even going to touch the Penguins game today. I could go on and on about how bad the defense was and the soft goals that Marc Andre Fleury gave up and the two more goals that Brent Johnson gave up. It was even more of a nightmare than games one or two. I don’t want to say the series is over, but.

Watching the Penguins play like shit for 60 minutes was bad enough but the actions that happened on the ice were way out of line. Here are most of the video’s:

This game had basically every in it that I hate about hockey. The cheap hits by Aaron Asham and James Neal were really hard to watch and it was pretty embarrassing to watch as a Penguins fan. Kris Letang lost his cool a few times and even Sidney Crosby was getting mixed up into it and if this wasn’t the tell sign that the Flyers were in the Penguins heads then you really aren’t watching the same games as everyone else.

The Asham hit was just uncalled for. Neal also went after Claude Giroux that wasn’t on these videos (I don’t think) and it was just bad.

While the Penguins were by far the worst of the two teams in terms of after the whistle stuff the Flyers were far from clean. They were just as dirty, just not a outward about it. I saw Flyers fans bitching about the Penguins coming from behind players but Flyers players were doing the same thing. Also the Flyers sending out Wayne Simmonds out to specifically fight Neal before the next faceoff was just as bad. The Penguins were worse though and it was really hard to watch. I don’t really consider that a hockey game.

I would not be surprised to see suspension for Neal, Asham and Craig Adams. Not sure if anything will happen to any Flyers players but there were a few hits that might get looked at but I would be shocked if any Flyers player got any games.

The Penguins actually had a chance in this game. They cut the deficit to one on a couple of occasions but every time the Penguins got close they took a penalty and the Flyers power play was off the charts just like it has been the entire series. They went 4-for-7 on the power play and that was all she wrote.

All of the dirty play today was terrible to watch. All the stuff the NHL is trying to get rid of showed up in the game today and it sucked. For the Penguins to play like they did today after the whistle after Mario Lemieux and Ray Shero were the leaders in speaking out against that stuff is tough. Basically what the Penguins did today was reaffirm the comments that were made about them by other coaches and players. I am not sure if you are a Penguins fan you could ever go after another team and tell them to stop being dirty. Now, I know every team in the NHL is dirty. It is inevitable that teams will play dirty but the Penguins took it pretty close to the top today and it sucked.

Really tough to swallow the loss and what happened but the series isn’t over even if it feels like that. The Penguins are outmatched and now they are just taking out their frustrations. I guess maybe they could win a game or two to give a glimmer of hope but there isn’t much left.

This tweet from Dave Molinari pretty much sums it up:


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