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Steelers Draft Mike Adams And Sean Spence On Second Day

This is a little late and you probably have already read a ton of stuff on the second day of the Steelers draft , but if you haven't then you are in luck. Not really sure why you are lucky but I will at least give you a little info on the guys that are now Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the second round the Steelers got lucky again and had a few players slide to them and they once again went to the offensive line and drafted Mike Adams from Ohio State. Now if you were following me for some time you know that I did not want the Steelers to go for Adams in the first round. Early in some mock projections he was supposed to be the Steelers 24th pick and I just wasn't high on that but love the value pick in the second round.

Most had Adams as a first round grade but he had some character issues that pushed him out of the first round and from what I have seen over the past couple of days he was completely off the Steelers board. Adams was one of the five OSU players that were suspended for five games due to selling apparel and then he was charged with possession of marijuana in 2009 and then tested positive for pot at the combine so this really wasn't a Steelers type of pick.

Evidently Adams went up to the Steelers at the combine and told them the entire story and really aired his dirty laundry to them and convinced them to put him back on their board and when he was there during day two they took him. A lot of people aren't really high on taking the risk on Adams but at this spot in the draft I think it is a pretty nice get for the Steelers. They have struggled on the offensive line for some time and Adams should be able to help. This kind of reminds me of Marcus Gilbert last season. They drafted the Florida guard in the second round and people were pretty upset about it and didn't understand it but all Gilbert did was go out and play pretty good football his rookie year. Couple Gilbert and Adams with DeCastro and Pouncey and all of a sudden the Steelers are really young with a ton of potential.

Granted the Adams pick could blow up in their face with personal problems but the talent is there. He is a very good pass blocker and is known to be pretty athletic with good feet and can more than hold his own run blocking. Getting a guy like this in the second round is a pretty nice get.

Here is the breakdown from ESPN:

What he brings: Adams is one of the most frustrating prospects to watch on film. He has the quick feet and length teams covet at left tackle, and he's also an effective run blocker who can cover up defenders. However, he's highly inconsistent and seems uninterested at times.

How he fits: He is a big, gifted athlete. The reason he dropped this far is well-documented. He probably best fits at LOT because of his feet, but the Steelers recently moved Marcus Gilbert from ROT to LOT. You would think they could move Gilbert back to ROT and insert Adams at LOT, and along with OC Maurkice Pouncey and new ROG David DeCastro, this offensive line that has struggled in pass protection and run blocking is all of a sudden starting to look like a much-improved unit. Big Ben should be the happiest guy in town.

Here is what the NFL Network thinks of him:

Adams has a good frame and good enough footwork to not get beat at the college level. He employs a decent pass set to get back and anchor himself against the bull rush, and has the footwork to shuffle and keep his feet chopping when blocking to drive a man downfield in the run game. His big-game experience playing at Ohio State helps his value.

Adams is not a very exciting player and can struggle at times with effort-based issues that don't allow him to get much movement on the line when run-blocking. He is more of a catch-and-react blocker than one who delivers blows, and will need to play with more fire and look to unleash his inner-athleticism to be able to succeed at the next level. Those suspensions and injuries will also eat away at his draft stock.

Here is some film on Adams:

Going into the second day I kind of wanted the Steelers go with an inside linebacker in the second round and then see what was there in the third but when they went with Adams (which I now agree with) the Steelers were almost certain to go linebacker with the next pick. They did. With an aging inside core and the loss of James Farior the Steelers needed depth and youth and they got that by drafting Miami linebacker Sean Spence.

Spence might not seem like an ideal linebacker because he is only 5'11 but from all accounts this is a guy that is going to help the Steelers big time. Maybe not right now, but he is said to be a three down linebacker that is excellent in coverage and has great instincts. If you are a person that likes when linebackers get burnt in coverage then you would not enjoy this pick. With the way the NFL is going in terms of being a passing league where tight ends are a now a premium position it makes this pick make that much more sense.

When you read about Spence the first thing you are going to see is that this kid has great instincts and is very athletic, both things that the Steelers needed to have to compliment Lawrence Timmons. The thing that stood out to me when looking over his stuff is that he can be a three down back which is huge in this type of NFL. With his size he will get lost sometimes but it seems as if he is able to overcome a lot of that due to the fact that he can diagnose plays and get to the spot quickly which is good to see.

Here is the ESPN breakdown of Spence:

What he brings: Spence is undersized and he gets swallowed up by traffic on occasion. However, he possesses great instincts, lateral quickness and is a reliable player in space.

How he fits: With James Farrior gone, they really need to develop the depth inside. Their young guys right now are mostly on special teams. With Lawrence Timmons able to play inside or outside, Spence is an inside guy that might be able to play all three downs and contribute in pass situations.

Here is what the NFL Network thinks of him:

Spence's athleticism shows in all that he does. He can quickly diagnose a play and use his explosive hips to meet running backs and deliver the blow. He has fluid hips in coverage and uses his arm strength to shed blockers when he gets engulfed by bigger players. He is an experienced starter at a high level, and this should allow him to play fast and instinctively from the start at the next level. He has natural athletic ability to fit in a 4-3 scheme, in which he can play freely and flow to the ball. He is an active player and almost always involved on run plays.

Spence is undersized and needs to play free of big blockers on him to be productive. He can flow to plays but "rides the pole" and falls off tackles at times. The scheme he plays in is key to his production.

Mike Mayock loves Spence. If he loves him then you should love him.

Here is some video of him:

Both the NFL Network and ESPN have raved about the Steelers draft including the second day picks. I try to get into this as much as I can but so far the Steelers are doing what they always do, taking the top talent on their board and luckily this season it comes at need positions.

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