Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Game 23 Recap - Cardinals 10, Pirates 7

Yea, I am not really sure where this is going to go. At one point it looked like it was going to be another low scoring game and the next moment the Pirates were booting the ball all over the place and getting routed by the Cardinals and then the next minute the Pirates had the tying run at the plate in the eighth inning after scoring three runs. No idea.

To be honest the game can pretty much be summarized up as the Pirates not playing any defense, at all, and the Cardinals capitalizing on it. The Cardinals only had six of the ten runs they score count as earned and the Pirates committed four errors on the night. Not really a pretty night for the defense. This hasn’t happened all year so I am not really all that concerned, it just sucks that the offense put up a seven spot and couldn’t come away with a win.

Because of the lackluster defense the Bucs were kind of out of the game by the later innings. After a Pedro Alvarez home run cut the deficit to 7-4 the Cardinals came back and got three more runs in the seventh inning that really put it away. It was fun to watch the Pirates come back and score three runs with two outs in the eighth inning but in the end it was just too much.

Pedro Alvarez had another solid game. 2-for-4 with a massive home run and drove in three runs. His other hit was a single off a left hand pitcher. A left hand pitcher that was brought on just to face Alvarez and he took the first pitch that was inside and turned on it to right field. It did break his bat and it fell in, but it looks like a screamer in the box score. His average is now up to .222 and despite only having an on base percentage of .258 his slugging percentage of .571. Whoa.

Jose Tabata also got into the part with a two run shot in the third inning. As you know I am probably the biggest Tabata fanboy in the world so this made me happy. He has been swinging a much better bat recently and if he and Pedro can get going this offense can have more nights like they did tonight.

Andrew McCutchen hit a triple tonight. Watching him hit a triple is a fun thing to do.

Charlie Morton wasn’t great tonight. He only went 4.1 innings and gave up eight hits and even served up a home run to a right handed hitter. That is something he only did one time last season. He did strike out five batters but gave up six runs, five of which were earned.

The Pirates have played in a lot of one run and close games this season so a game like this was bound to happen. You can’t expect to go through a 162 game schedule without getting worked like this from time to time.

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