Saturday, May 19, 2012

Game 39 Recap - Tigers 6, Pirates 0

Welp, not much to say on this one. Obviously Justin Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the game right now and when he is even good he has a chance to throw a no hitter. It wasn't a huge stretch to say that last night there would have been a reasonable chance to see Verlander throw a no hitter. The Pirates threw Nate McLouth and Clint Barmes in the lineup with Josh Harrison leading off. If this made you feel good inside then I am pretty sure you just woke up from a 20 year coma and someone told you the Pirates were awesome and Verlander was not. I would assume that most of you were not in a 20 year coma.

Needless to say I was not able to watch the game. I actually went out in Milwaukee as it was the first time in like a month and a half that I had a full weekend off from work so I wanted to take advantage of that. The Pirates were in the second inning or so when I went to take a tour of Lakefront Brewery. Let me say this, if you are ever in Milwaukee go take that tour. It is a very small brewery but it was an awesome experence. The beer was really good too and you got a free pint glass after the tour so it really was a win-win. I hope my tour guide is reading this and gives me a free beer the next time I am there.

Anyways we got done with the tour and it was around I went to check the game and I told someone "I hope they have a run, just a run." It was the sixth inning and I saw the Pirates had no hits. I paid it no mind as there was a good bit of game left and I went to the bar as we waited to get seated for a fish fry they had at the brewery. Had a beer, sat down to eat and the Pirates were still being no hit. I kept watching my phone and I turned to my friend and his girlfriend, who are both Brewers fans, and I said that Verlander was no hitting the Pirates through seven. They said "oh, so that is why you are watching your phone." Well, yes, that was why.

I tried to ignore it because it was still relatively early in the night and watching the gamecenter on the ESPN app really drains my battery. I checked back a little later and before I even saw something by friend said "are they still getting no hit?" I described that they had not yet had a hit, after eight innings. I told the people I was with if the Pirates got no hit I would seriously consider taking 20 shots right on the spot. Bad times.

I waited a minute so that the Tigers could hit then I turned it back on. At this point the two people I was with were just as curious as I was. Michael McKenry was up and I saw the blue dot that said he put it in play. I prayed. He did, but he was out. One out. Then Harrison got down 0-2 and I just was in bad shape. Gamecenter said the third pitch was a ball but it was for sure in the strike zone. I was stunned. Next pitch there was a blue dot. "Josh Harrison singles to center."

I threw my hands up in the air, gave both the people I was with high fives and we were also sitting with another four people at the table who we had no idea who they were but I stood up in the fish fry and yelled YES as I looked up at the ceiling and gave the four people across the table two rounds of high fives. They had no idea why I was so happy and one of the guys looked at me and said "So, was it a boy or girl" I said it was a boy. I mean, what was I supposed to say, the Pirates don't have any girls on the team.

I ordered a beer and went about my night.

I know there was some discussion about the Pirates getting now hit. Obviously by my story you see that I didn't want the Pirates to get no hit but at the same time this was Verlander going for his third no hitter. This is another level of historic stuff. I would never openly cheer for my team to get no hit but if it would have happened last night I would have been pretty pissed that I wasn't able to watch a no hitter. I would have gave Verlander the props he was due and appreciate the feat, because although it seems like it happens all the time, it doesn't.

Bucs back at it in a few hours.

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