Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pirates Game 36 Recap - Marlins 6, Pirates 2

Games like tonight have been more few and far between for the Pirates so I guess you can't be overly disappointed because this stuff happens but it still doesn't make it any easier because Kevin Correia couldn't get it together and gave up a five spot in the fourth inning. I am sure 2006 me would look back at this and slap me across the face because this was way better than anything he saw in his time, but I might slap him back because, well, just because.

For the fourth straight game the Pirates got on the board in the first inning. This is not a novel concept but it is nice to see them jump out early but it would be a ton better if they could add on to the lead, which they can't. It would have also been ideal if Correia didn't immediately give up the lead in the bottom half of the inning but those are two totally separate issues.

The four inning was really the game. Correia wasn't especially good in the first three innings, but he was getting by. The Marlins scored five runs on five hits and Correia was pulled before the inning was over. He ended up only going 3.2 innings with one of those outs in the fourth inning coming via a sacrifice bunt by Josh Johnson, the pitcher. I dunno, you know I am not high on Correia at all and it would be nice to not see him trotted out there every fifth day. He is not able to strike anyone out and has been pretty lucky going into tonight with his BABIP and strand rate and has given up a bit too many home runs. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Rudy Owens up to see what he can do and probably deserves a shot. All told I don't think that Correia will be in the rotation much longer.

The offense wasn't great again. After the first inning they only had four hits and two of those came in one inning when they were able to get runners on first and second with no outs but then Andrew McCutchen struck out and Pedro Alvarez grounded into a double play. At the time the game was tied and it would have been nice to take the lead again, but with the way the offense has been going this shouldn't have been a huge surprise.

The bullpen was really good again. After Corria was smacked around the pen worked 4.1 scoreless innings between Chris Resop, Tony Watson and Jarred Hughes. Combined they only gave up four hits and struck out four guys. The pen is probably due to regress since they have truly been amazing but I am going to ride this high a little longer. I know it will come back closer to the norm but whatever.

The Pirates are now done with the Marlins in a rare two game series. They will meet up with Washington for another two game series before having to face the Detroit Tigers. It is going to be a tough stretch of games but on the bright side they will not face Stephen Strasburg. On the bad, really bad, side they will face Justin Verlander on Friday. Yikes.

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