Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pirates Game Day 31 Recap - Nationals 4, Pirates 2

Going into the game tonight you kind of knew it was going to be a tough one and at the start of the series I felt this would be the game they would drop in the series and it pretty much came up the way I saw it in my head. The Pirates struck out a bunch of times and was able to keep the game close enough to have a chance to win and it just wasn't in the cards tonight.

Stephen Strasburg struck out 13 batters in only six innings of work. He was dealing and at one point he struck out seven straight batters before Jose Tabata broke it up. Strasburg is really good and the Pirates tend to strikeout a good bit (fourth most in the league with 21.3 K%) so I figured this would be an 11 or 12 strikeout night for Strasburg. I was pretty close to being right.

Things weren't all bad. Tabata really had a nice night and had a pair of hits and was the only starter that didn't strike out in the game. Andrew McCutchen continues to roll as he had an RBI single and nearly tied the game in the eighth inning with a warning track shot.

Not even really sure where to go from here. Kevin Correia had pretty much one bad inning that did him in. He gave up two jacks in the sixth inning when Robert Bernadina went deep and then Adam LaRoche went deep two batters later.

All told the Pirates won 2-of-3 from a team that was rolling coming into town. You tell me before the series that the Pirates win the series and I take that every time. It kind of does suck because they were right in the game against a really tough pitcher after striking out 13 times. They had a chance to sweep but just fell short in another tight game. Grand scheme this was a good series.

The Pirates now have a three game set with the Astros. Should be exciting.

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