Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pirates Game Day 41 Recap - Tigers 4, Pirates 3

Just a frustrating game. The Pirates struck out 17 times in the game. Tigers starter Max Scherzer accounted for 15 of those strikeouts with all of them being of the swinging variety.

The Pirates actually held a lead for most of the game. They scored their only runs on a pair of home runs by Rod Barajas and Neil Walker but managed only four other hits during the game.

The real game changer came in the bottom of the seventh inning. The Tigers were actually being shut down by Kevin Correia but the wheels really came off in the seventh although it really wasn't Correia's fault. Prince Fielder left a bloop single into right field where Nate McLouth couldn't get to the ball and left it for Clint Barmes who couldn't get there then kicked it to the left field line. It was scored a double for Fielder. I put this one on McLouth. As the left fielder coming in on the ball he had a much better chance at the ball than Barmes did as he was backpedaling to get to it. McLouth had the opportunity to dive for the ball and that would have been the best bet since this was a blooper and that if he missed it then Fielder would still only have a single. Just a bad play by McLouth.

Delmon Young singled the next batter to score Fielder and tie the game and Correia was pulled after 6.0+. Things just went downhill from there. With one out and runners on first and second Tony Watson and Barajas got crossed up on a pitch and it let the runners move up. After the game Barajas explained that he changed the signs with Watson and then just forgot he changed them which resulted in the cross up. I am not really sure if I buy that since Barajas went out to the mound the pitch before the passed ball but it does seem like now it was his fault. I would be willing to say that on 90% of cross ups that happen are a fault of the pitcher, this one just seems like a freak accident, but one that shouldn't happen.

After that the infield was drawn up Alex Avilia singled up the middle to score a pair and that was just about it. It wasn't a pretty inning.

This offense has just been so bad. The strikeouts are happening at an alarming rate and this week alone the Pirates have been averaging over ten strikeouts a game. You just can't have that.

Correia was pretty good. I still don't think that he should be in the lineup today but he gave the Pirates a solid performance. While it was a good start I think he benefited largely from pitching in Detroit as he gave up 12 fly ball outs compared to only four ground ball outs. That park is huge and there were a ton of long fly balls that were hard hit. I think if that was at PNC this could have been a much different game.

I am not really sure why McLouth was in the game today but after his performance today I would not be shocked to see him released by June. It was just really that bad. He went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts but none was worse than the last of the game. With a runner on first McLouth worked the count to 2-0 before letting a fastball right down the middle go. With the count full McLouth watched another pitch right down the middle. He hasn't had a hit since May 6. Like I said before I liked the deal before the season but this has been pretty awful.

Mets tomorrow.

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