Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pirates Game 62 Recap - Orioles 12, Pirates 6

I am pretty sure that if I just copy and pasted a recap from either of the first two games of the series and just change the names and a few numbers. This was just a brutal series for the Pirates and it ended just as badly as it started. Not much more to say.

The Orioles got four runs in the first inning with three two-out hits and it was really all downhill from there. Remember yesterday when I said that I wasn't as concerned about this because it happened to Brad Lincoln and Kevin Correia, two guys that shouldn't be in the rotation, and it hadn't happened to key guys like James McDonald and Erik Bedard. Well, tonight it happened to Bedard, in a bad, bad, way.

Bedard only lasted 3.1 innings and gave up seven runs on eight hits while throwing 84 pitches. It is the second time in his last three starts that he couldn't make the sixth inning and gave up runs in bunches. I am not sure I am ready to say that he is falling apart but he does seem to be falling into a little funk. The control wasn't there and the curve ball wasn't crisp and it just wasn't good.

The rest of the pen wasn't very good either. Doug Slaten gave up three runs in 0.2 of an inning and Chris Resop and Jared Hughes each came in and gave up a run later in the game. Overall the O's just pounded the baseball to the tune of 16 hits and cranked out ten extra base hits with eight of those coming via the double.

The Pirates offense scored five runs which all pretty much came in one spurt in the fifth and sixth innings. The problem with all of that is they did nothing before the fifth inning. Like literally, nothing. They didn't have a base runner until the fifth inning when Garrett Jones led off the inning with a bleeder into left field then the Pirates got three more hits and scored three on a Rod Barajas slam.

There really isn't much else to say. This is one of those series where you just build a fence around it and move on from here. For as well as the Pirates have pitched this year they are due for some regression and I think we saw some of that. This isn't even all on the Pirates pitching because the O's can really swing the stick. They are a very good offensive club and if they can figure out some of their starting pitching they might be able to stick around for a while.

As I have been saying for much of the day if you told me on opening day that the Pirates can be 32-20 after the first 62 games I think every single one of you would take that. Does it suck that they got just run out of the building against the Orioles? Yea, it does, but this is a 162 game season and there is a ton of games left. If the Pirates go to Cleveland and take 2-of-3 from the Tribe or even get a sweep then people aren't even going to remember this series. I know things are all doom and gloom now but putting things into perspective there is still 100 games left and so far the Pirates are holding their collective heads above water.

Oh yea, Steve Pearce had a five RBI night. So, yea.

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