Monday, June 25, 2012

Pirates Game 72 Recap - Phillies 8, Pirates 3

Well tonight was another one of "those" nights. You know what I am talking about, early on you know the game is going to be long and usually things start out pretty horrifically bad and only get worse. Well, that was tonight. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong and it led to an 8-3 loss in the first of a four game series in Philadelphia. The Pirates haven't had a game like this since the Baltimore series so it's not like this is becoming a recurring problem but it is never fun to watch your team get worked, especially in Philadelphia.

Like I said, in games like this it gets bad early, and boy did it get bad early for the Pirates. This was the first start coming off the DL for Jeff Karstens and he got rocked pretty had to the tune of four runs on five hits which was aided by three Pirates errors. Just a brutal inning.

The Pirates tried to come back but every time they managed to get a run or two across the plate the Phillies would answer right back. It never really was close and while the Pirates had a decent amount of base runners they grounded into three double plays, two of which came off the bat of Clint Barmes.

The first inning was pretty bad. Jose Tabata had two errors and didn't catch a fly ball that landed a few feet in front of him which had the "he doesn't care" crowd at in full force. Make no mistake about it Tabata should have had that fly ball which would have made two outs and given the team a much better chance to get out of the inning with one a run or two come across the plate. The throws weren't the greatest but by no means was the inning Tabata's fault. I know it is pretty well documented that I am a huge Tabata fan so this might be bias but putting that whole inning on him is a pretty big stretch.

Also people need to stop with the "he doesn't care" narrative. It is getting old fast and I don't think there is one person out there who truly things any athlete doesn't care and if you do your name is probably Skip Bayless.

Pedro continues to swing a pretty solid bat as he had two hits tonight and almost has his average up to .230 after it was a minimal .189 only ten days ago. The other big news of the game was that Rod Barajas left the game in the second inning with what was being reported as a bone bruise on his left leg. Not really sure what caused this but he took a foul ball off one of his knees and then was involved in a play at the plate in the bottom of the first inning but there was no contact. I honestly hope this is something minimal because if Michael McKenry has to be the every day guy it's not going to be good for the Pirates. McKenry did have two hits on the night but his told is as a backup and even at that he is only average at best.

Karstens really didn't have it tonight. After he gave up the four runs in the first he gave up a run in the third and two more in the fourth. All told he gave up 11 hits and seven runs (six earned) in five innings of work. Obviously this is his first game back and after the first inning he really did look like he got things together a bit better but I would have liked to have seen a little more from him in this one. We'll have to see what he has going forward. The positive is that even in the first inning the ball really wasn't getting hit overly hard and the Phillies did a nice job of hitting some good pitches. Hopefully he can bounce back the next time through the rotation.

Three more against the Phils. Gotta get at least two against them.

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