Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starling Marte: Home Run On First Pitch Ever History

Tonight every Pirates fans got to see a little glimpse of Starling Marte and what he can bring to the game. Before the game started I think it was a great shot that ROOT Sports did by showing Marte sitting in the dugout by himself waiting for the umpires to come onto the field and it really was a cool picture to just see him sitting there, alone, soaking it all in for his first ever appearance for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Flash forward a few minutes and he was in the box, batting leadoff, in his first every game. Most might think that for a kid like this he would take a pitch or two to get settled in, but that isn't what happened. Marte saw the first pitch that was just above belt high and drove it out of the ballpark to left field.

As a fan this is the kind of stuff you love to see and it was really cool to see Marte round the bases and be greeted by his teammates. After the hysteria calmed down on twitter you really got to sit back and think that he went deep on the first ever pitch he saw. That isn't a very common thing and in fact it is only 28th time it has ever happened.

Here are the occurrences of those 28 times (Marte not included on this list):

That is some pretty cool stuff. Moreover if you are just talking about first every at bats where a player hit his first career home run Marte joins 109 other players who have ever done that, ever. Click here for the link to all those players.

Pretty cool accomplishment that I can say I witnessed live.

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