Friday, August 17, 2012

FanGraphs Interviews Pirates AA Closer Vic Black

If you are a frequent reader of FanGraphs like I am you go on there daily to see what kind of stories they have up and probably spend hours reading them. They are at the front along with a few other baseball sites with sabermetrics and as a guy who loves the numbers of baseball this is the site you want to be at.

Today they featured an interview with Altoona closer Victor Black. As you know Altoona is the AA affiliate with the Pittsburgh Pirates and as FanGraphs tabs him the "Future Closer" of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This season Black has thrown in 51.1 innings with a 1.93 ERA while holding a terrific strikeout rate of 12.8 K/9. Black has all the tools to be the closer as he throws a terrific fastball that can get into the high 90's as well as a slider which he refers to as his out pitch.

The interview is about 13 minutes long and Black talks about what it is like to be referred to as a future closer of the team, what it is like to take long bus trips in the minors, about his injury that he had in 2010 and what it is like to be a closer.

Black is a very good interview as you will hear and it is pretty awesome to get stuff like this on Pirates in the lower system that aren't named Cole, Taillon, Heredia or Hanson.

Click here to get the interview.

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