Friday, August 3, 2012

Pirates Game 105 Recap - Reds 3, Pirates 0

To be perfectly honest with you there really isn't much to talk about this game. Going in this was probably the game that I had the Pirates losing above any of the others in this series considering how good Mat Latos has been against the Pirates in the past and today it was no different.

Latos was pretty wild in the onset of this game but the Pirates were unable to take advantage and once Latos got settled in he was able to pretty much do what he wanted against the Pirates lineup.

The Pirates offense only managed four hits on the night and only had one real opportunity to make something happen in the eighth inning with runners on first and second with one out but Gaby Sanchez came in and bounced into the team's third double play of the game.

I know I talk about "those type of games" but that really was one of these for the Pirates. It's not that they didn't hit the ball hard, they did, but it seemed like every time they hit the ball hard it was right at a Reds player. It happens. It wasn't a great offensive performance but it's not like they struck out 17 times like they did earlier this year when they faced Latos and the Reds pen.

The Reds weren't that great either as they got all three of their runs in a pretty weird fashion. The first run was a Chris Heisey inside the park home run in the second inning where Rodriguez hung a curve and Starling Marte wasn't able to make the catch at the wall. Andrew McCutchen wasn't really anywhere to be found and it turned into a home run. The next two runs were scored on a home run by Latos in the fifth inning. Rodriguez threw a fastball on the outter half to get ahead and Latos put a good swing on it.

Outside of the odd home runs Rodriguez was really good tonight. He went seven innings and only threw 88 pitches, striking out four and not walking a single batter. The offense not showing up was really the only reason he won't get talked much about.

The only other thing of note tonight happened in the ninth inning and it involved Reds stud reliever Aroldis Chapman and McCutchen. With two outs and the game pretty much over Chapman threw a first pitch fastball at 101 (according to the GABP gun) that hit Cutch in the upper back/shoulder and Cutch was livid. It looked pretty intentional to me and Cutch also seemed to think so. After the game he was shown screaming in the dugout, something that I have never seen him do in the time he has been a Pirate.

To start off with I don't think it is a must that the Pirates hit someone tomorrow. If they do I won't really mind but it doesn't really solve a lot. You do have to protect your teammate so to some extent I don't mind it happening but if you think the Pirates "don't care" if they don't hit anyone tomorrow then you are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about. Like I said it looked pretty intentional what Chapman did but I am not in the corner of people who say "they better hit someone or else."

Back at it tomorrow.

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