Monday, August 13, 2012

Pirates Game 115 Recap - Dodgers 5, Pirates 4

Another close game for the Pirates and unfortunately thy were unable to win a close game where they never had the lead and let the Dodgers get a full game closer to them in the playoff chase.

The Dodgers took the lead in the third inning in the first time in forever the Pirates were down going into their first at bats, but they still fell behind by a pair. They battled right back as Garrett Jones tied it up with a two RBI double in following half inning and that was a precursor to the night Jones was going to have.

Jones was the latest Pirates to go to the plate over the past couple of days that pretty much wasn't able to get out as he went 4-for-4 with a pair of doubles and drove in three of the four Pirates runs on the day. Really great day for Jones and if you haven't checked it out his line is up to .282/.314/526 and is having a much better season than I thought. Sure he isn't very good defensively (anywhere) and his base running is pretty much just as bad but he has been a great cog in the middle of the lineup.

I am sure much will be made of Shane Victorino's night as he drove in three runs which included a two run home run in the fifth inning to put the Pirates behind by two and give the Dodgers the last lead of the game. I can just imagine the talk shows tomorrow saying about how the Pirates should have got Victorino at the deadline completely leaving out the fact that before tonight he was 11-for-44 since the trade. I didn't want Victorino at the deadline and I still don't want him. I honestly don't care if you do/did want him on the Pirates because that is your point but if you do/did then at least come up with a real, substantial, reason for it. I saw people talking about it during the game just saying they should have had him referring to nothing in particular. If you based who the Pirates should trade for on arbitrary games where said players played well then the Pirates would own every player in baseball except for Brian Bixler. That is pretty much all I will say about this the rest of the series, if not the season.

Outside of Jones there really wasn't much offensively. They had a chance to do damage in the seventh inning but Neil Walker got absolutely robbed by Randy Choate on a line shot right back up the box that if Choate didn't catch it would have broken some serious bones in his face. It gets through though and the Pirates are in business and if you consider that the Pirates got a two spot in the eighth it could have been really great if that ball gets through. Alas, it didn't.

Andrew McCutchen went 1-for-3 but he still seems to be in a funk. He isn't squaring up a lot of pitches and while I am not really worried about him it does seem like he hasn't been the same over the last couple of weeks. He has been up in some prime run producing rolls but just couldn't get it done. All it takes is one game for the switch to flip with him and hopefully that comes through.

Back at it tomorrow. Season still isn't over no matter what your neighbor says.

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