Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pirates Game 124 Recap - Padres 4, Pirates 2

Going into the game the Pirates had lost 21 of the last 25 contests against the Padres. After tonight the Pirates are now 4-22 in the last 26 games as they were swept out of San Diego and add to a dreadful record this year on the West Coast. The NL West is not somewhere I would like to play and thankfully the Pirates are done playing the Padres this year. I hope I never see them again. Ever.

The Pirates only had four hits on the day and while the offense has been off and on for much of the last couple of weeks this came at the hands of puss chucking lefty Andrew Werner who only gave up a pair of runs in six plus innings. Werner didn't have much but he located pretty well and took advantage of the Pirates hitters who were seemingly having a contest to see who could hit the most ground balls to short.

To say this was a frustrating series would be a pretty big understatement. You know how frustrating it was? Kevin Correia had the best start of the series when he was coming off zero days rest.

James McDonald wasn't terrible but another rough first inning really doomed the Pirates. McDonald started the game by walking the bases loaded and gave up a double to the deepest part of the park to score a pair. A sac fly later and it was 3-0 and the Pirates only recorded one out. Outside of the horrid first inning McDonald wasn't terrible even though he was only able to go five full innings. He gave up five hits and only struck out a pair while walking five but that is actually pretty decent compared to what he did in his 30 pitch first inning. I have no idea what to think about him now. I guess you never know what you are going to get.

Just a frustrating game. The Pirates finally get a day off tomorrow after playing for 20 straight. The day off couldn't come at a better time. The team is reeling and really I don't think there is much that can be done. The best thing for every guy on this team is to get as far away from baseball as they can tomorrow and not think about it. They need to clear your head and move on when they get back after it on Friday. At least, that is what I hope happens.

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