Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pirates Game 127 Recap - Brewers 7, Pirates 0

There are some games you have a chance to win and then there are games where you fall behind and you have no chance. The Pirates have been on the latter half of that statement far too many times in the recent past and today was the same way. Erik Bedard was decent for three innings but then ran into a buzz saw where he gave up six runs and only lasted 4.2 innings.

There isn't much else to say. Things are bad right now. The team is only two games out of the wild card but it feels like they just can't do anything right. For as good as the win was overall on Saturday night this just put things back into perspective. It sucks.

A lot of things to talk about here but it isn't much more than I have said in past recaps over the last two weeks. The offense is struggling and the starting pitching has been wildly inconsistent. Can't win like that.

Andrew McCutchen is in a serious slump and as much as I want to say that this isn't like last season, it is. He looks pretty pull happy right now and looks very tentative in the box. He isn't hitting the ball to the other field and is swinging through fastballs that he was hammering a month ago. He can't recognize the off speed pitches and really is just a mess right now. You can tell when a guy goes up to the plate and looks lost and that is McCutchen right now.

Also I think it is about time we truly think about sitting Bedard down. Down in AAA there are some guys that are throwing the ball really well. Bedard is not throwing the ball really well, at all. He has had a couple good starts recently but he just can't figure it out. Send him to the pen and figure it out but I don't want to trot him out there three or four more times before the team figures out they should try someone else. Things will be far too over by then.

I don't think the season is over by any stretch. The Pirates have an extremely soft September schedule and they are only two games back of the wild card so there is still a ton of time but things need to start looking better soon or we might be talking about another second half collapse like last season. This one won't be as bad as last year but I am not sure a lot of people will see that.

On to the next one.

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