Monday, August 27, 2012

Pirates Game 128 Recap - Cardinals 4, Pirates 3

Same stuff, just a different day. This time the Pirates came out and grabbed a 2-0 lead off one of the better pitchers in the league with staff ace A.J. Burnett on the mound and all they do is give up that lead the next half inning and then fall behind and can't come back. The Pirates now are three games back of the wild card and fading fast. Really fast.

What makes this loss a little more depressing than previous losses because the Pirates didn't really play all that terrible. Sure they booted the ball round a little bit and didn't always make the crisp play but it was a pretty complete performance with Burnett giving up four runs (only two earned) and the offense really stinging the ball off Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse who has been outstanding this year. They got some key hits and had some great at bats, just didn't do enough.

Burnett pitched really well for the first three innings but after the Pirates took the two run lead things just didn't go well. This really isn't as much on Burnett as it is all the starters because the big problem, in my eyes, is that they can't get put up the zero after the offense scores the runs. The Pirates score two and were starting to get some momentum and for the Cardinals to come right back and tie the game really took the life out of the building.

Just another game back. It isn't over but James McDonald needs to come back strong tomorrow. In a big way.

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