Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Pirates/Steelers/Penguins Link Dump

Here are some of the best links of the week in case you missed anything in the Pittsburgh sports scene.

The Pirates dropped a heart breaker to the Padres last night [TRBB]

Is the Pirates season over? Probably not [TRBB]

Jay Jaffe talks a look at the Pirates offense throughout the season and how it has propelled them into the playoff hunt. He also talks about some guy named Andrew McCutchen [Sports Illustrated]

Tim Williams takes a little look at Gerrit Cole and how he compares to David Price. It has been brought up a lot by people that Cole could come in September and pitch out of the pen ala Price in 2008 with the Rays [Pirates Prospects]

Gerrit Cole was pretty good last night [Bucs Dugout]

A lot of talk about closers. Charlie takes a look at the position [Bucs Dugout]

Pat over at WHYGAVS takes a look at Erik Bedard and the possible differences as to why he is pitching much better out of the break [WHYGAVS]

How are the prospects doing that the Pirates traded away at the deadline? [RumBunter]

The Steelers lost their first preseason game. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [TRBB] [Steelers Lounge]

George over at Blitzburgh Blog takes an advanced look at Todd Haley's offense [Blitzburgh Blog]

David Johnson is out with a torn ACL [Blitzburgh Blog]

If you don't read anything and everything Mike Culligan writes about the Penguins then you are doing it wrong. Here is an outstanding article on the Penguins and European players [The Hockey Writers]

Mark Spector breaks down the CBA talks. Great piece. [SportsNet]

The NHL will lockout if nothing is resolved by September 15 [SB Nation]

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