Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Pirates and 70 Wins

With the off day today I thought I would sit down and take a look at the Pirates win total and how that compares to the past season. Obviously this is going to be a much better season in this terms because the team has been so bad that they barely get to 70 wins in the whole season. This year the Pirates got to the 70 win mark before the calendar hits September and they are in the thick of the wild card race. Fun times in Pittsburgh.

So lets just take a look at the point in the season when the Pirates hit 70 wins with the date they did so, the game number it was done in and the teams record at the time since the 1990 season:

2012: August 29, Game 130, 70-60
2011: September 23, Game 157, 70-87
2010: Only won 57 games
2009: Only won 62 games
2008: Only won 67 games
2007: Only won 68 games
2006: Only won 67 games
2005: Only won 67 games
2004: September 27, Game 156, 70-86
2003: September 17, Game 151, 70-81
2002: September 24, Game 157, 70-87
2001: Only won 62 games
2000: Only won 69 games
1999: September 11, Game 142, 70-72
1998: Only won 69 games
1997: September 6, Game 143, 70-73
1996: September 22, Game 155, 70-85
1995: Only won 58 games
1994: Only won 53 games
1993: September 20, Game 150, 70-80
1992: August 22, Game 123, 70-53
1991: August 18, Game 116, 70-46
1990: August 18, Game 119, 70-49

Since the 1990 season, which was the first of three straight NLCS appearances, the Pirates haven't even reached 70 wins 11 times and this is the earliest they have had 70 wins since the 1992 season which marked the last winning season that the Pirates have had.

None of this is supposed to signify that the Pirates will make the playoffs or that they are going to break the losing streak that they are so well known for but it serves as a reminder that the team has come a long way since the times of winning 70 games in the entire season was seen as an accomplishment. Before the year I was thinking this was a 73(ish) win team and they almost had that done before the calendar turned to September. Pretty good for a team that most people laugh at.

We will see what comes of September (and hopefully well into October) but for a second just put the Pirates season in perspective up to this point because it has been one hell of a ride so far.

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