Friday, September 7, 2012

Pirates Game 137 Recap - Cubs 12, Pirates 2

To say that the Pirates put up an embarrassing performance tonight would be giving them too much credit. From Clint Hurdle starting Josh Harrison at shortstop for the sole reason of him being 2-for-5 off Cubs starter Travis Wood to the Pirates only recording one hit till the game was 12-0 Cubs to the defense committing five six seven errors on the night. This might be one of those nights where you say you can build a wall around it but I fear that the Pirates might have to build walls on top of walls for this one. Just embarrassing.

Maybe the only good thing that happened in this game is that Andrew McCutchen hit the ball really hard all night but has nothing to show for it. Didn't get a hit, all night. That is how bad the night was for the Pirates.

The errors were bad and it wasn't even like the pitchers could do much. A.J. Burnett didn't have his best stuff but when your left fielder is throwing the ball all over the place and not fielding it and you are giving teams four, five and sometimes six outs an inning there is only so much you can do.

The bats didn't show up against a pitcher who coming into tonight had a 6.33 ERA and was 0-8 in his last ten starts. A guy who had an opponent batting average of .279 in the past ten starts but limited the Pirates to only one hit.

I would talk about why Hurdle shouldn't be this manager past this year but then I would be just beating a dead horse. I don't know in what world he thinks playing Harrison at shortstop but he's wrong. If it's not the shitty in game managing it is continuing to play Barajas, Presley and Harrison when there are better options. Say all you want about how Clint Barmes hasn't played well this season, because he hasn't, but he has hit .268 since the first of August and you start Harrison because he is 2-for-5 lifetime off Wood. The biggest problem I have isn't that Harrison was playing but that the small sample size reference was used as the main reason. Hurlde is going to give good quotes and one liners but he is a shitty in game manager and someone needs to say it.

I'm done with this game.

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