Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pirates Game 139-142 Recap - Swept

Over the past couple of nights I have sat down after the game to put some thoughts down and each time I went to do that I came up with the same thing: I have said the same stuff every single night for the last two weeks. Honestly. Take a look at each of them and I bet 85% of the recaps are the same shit.

I am beyond frustrated with this team and it has got to a point where I don't even want to watch the games anymore. If it is not the Pirates being dreadfully bad with runners in scoring position it's them not scoring with the bases loaded and NO OUTS in extra innings and if it's not that it is Clint Hurdle doing the best possible job to lose this team ballgames.

The Pirates scored a total of seven runs in three games. The Pirates just aren't good at baseball right now. I wish I could tell you all how I really feel. I just have lost all hope in this team when I didn't really have a ton of hope to begin with.

The Pirates just aren't a talented team right now. Well, they weren't a really overly talented to begin with but they were getting by with home run and not being dumb. The Pirates are now on a cold streak and not hitting home runs and being dumb.

Tonight is the night that Clint Hurdle should be fired. Sixth inning and Alex Presley triples with one out. Clint Barmes is up and Hurdle puts on the squeeze. Not only does Hurdle put on the squeeze but he is so worried that his players have no idea what the f*ck is going on that Nick Leyva is whispering in Presley's ear after he gives the sign. Pitchout and Presley slides into a tag. Embarrassing. Just truly and utterly embarrassing.

I can't take this shit much longer. I really can't. The Pirates were 16 games over .500 and now they are just two games up. The Brewers and Phillies are going to surpass them in the standings and Hurdle still trots out Presley, Josh Harrison and Rod Barajas out all in the same lineup. I mean why try to put out your best lineup when you can fold before the game even starts?

Inexcusable. From the front office to the head coach to the player, just inexcusable.

EDIT - If you think the Pirates aren't trying or don't care then please stop reading anything about the Pirates because you are an idiot. Thanks.

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