Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pirates Game 147 Recap - Brewers 6, Pirates 0

Getting the nerve to write recaps anymore has just been tough to do. It feels like there are three or four things that just continually keep happening and it is just really hard to try and put things into words on a nightly basis when things are going so painfully bad.

I would just chalk this up to being another series against a team that has owned the Pirates for the past couple of years but it has been much more than that. While in past games it might have been poor defensive play or really bad game management tonight it was the inability of the Pirates to once again to get a clutch hit or come close to throwing out a runner.

The Pirates twice loaded the bases and didn't bring home a single run and overall only managed to get three hits on the night. They didn't do a terrible job of getting runners on base but when they did they couldn't do anything.

The Brewers stole seven bases on the night. They were not thrown out one time. Not once. The Pirates have done an unimaginable bad job this year of holding and throwing out runners and it cost them the game tonight on the defensive side. Any time a Brewer got on first base it was a double. Every time they stole second they scored on a single. I know Clint Hurdle doesn't think it is a big deal that teams run at will on the Pirates but it is a big (huge) deal.

I know a lot of people are really down on the Pirates. I am too. This season has been really bad especially where the Pirates were over a month ago and how bad the other teams that are in the NL Wild Card hunt have been. That being said this season should not be looked at as a total sham. I am going to try and get up a post sometime soon on what we can take from this year and there are multiple things that are very good about this season. It is frustrating and makes you want to punch a hole through the wall but it hasn't been a total loss. I promise.

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