Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steelers Game 9 Recap - Steelers 16, Chiefs 13 (OT)

To say this was a brutal game to watch would be giving it some credit. The Steelers played some really bad football but lucky for them the Chiefs were just brutal and they were able to escape with a win on a rain soaked game.

With how bad this game was and how late it is I am just going to throw up a few quick things. I might add to them tomorrow, but probably not.

-The Steelers seem to do this thing where every team they play they seem to have a gauge on how good they are on that given day and play exactly that good. It doesn't matter how bad the team is or how good the team is they play that well. Sometimes they can make that extra play and sometimes they don't. That is every Steelers game. I find it pretty hilarious that people expect the Steelers to blow out teams like that Chiefs. When people start talking like that (fans and analysts alike) I wonder if they have ever watched the Steelers play a football game. It is what it is.

-There really weren't a lot of positives tonight. The defense did play some pretty good football in the second half of the game after getting gashed a little in the first quarter but they were able to come up big by forcing the Chiefs to settle for a field goal after Isaac Redman fumbled on the Steelers ten yard line and those were the final points they gave up. Lawrence Timmons missed a few tackles but he played a really nice game both in pass coverage and in run blocking. Oh he also had what was probably the biggest play of the game in overtime. Matt Cassel was virtually non existent in the game as he didn't throw for his 100th yard until the final two minutes of the game and threw just as many bounce passes as completions. Brady Quinn is the backup. What a tandem for Chiefs fans.

-The first half was especially brutal for the offense. Outside of Heath Miller there was literally no one that did anything. In the first half the only receiver to catch a pass was Mike Wallace and he only had two of them. The receivers were just brutal in the first half as they didn't make many catches at all on catchable passes. They came through a little more in the second half when they needed them to but you can really see where they missed Antonio Brown. Wallace made maybe the catch of the year on the touchdown as he pulled in a Ben Roethlisberger pass with one hand and juggled it going down and caught it between his legs and rolled it up to his arms as he went out of play. Amazing catch and it was a huge one in the grand scheme of things.

-The Chiefs are just brutally bad. The defense actually did a nice job for them and created a turnover early that led to three points but it wasn't enough. The Chiefs offense only managed to go 2-of-13 on third down and Cassel was pretty bad all night. The Chiefs were able to get it done on the ground but for some reason didn't utilize Jamaal Charles as much as they probably should have. Sure, he did carry the ball 23 times for 100 yards but he was out on a lot of plays and if they gave him the rock 30 or so times he probably would have got to around 150 yards as the offensive line was giving him some creases and he was able to make the play.

-The Chiefs just KILLED themselves with penalties all game. Early in the third quarter they had the ball in Steelers territory and Dwyane Bowe went to score a touchdown and it got called back on a pretty sketchy holding call and then in what might be the poster for the Kansas City season they got flagged for a group celebration on a touchdown that didn't count. Byron Leftwich had a tuck rule situation where he really threw an incomplete pass that was ruled a fumble and the Chiefs took it in for a touchdown. The KC defenders proceeded to do a group celebration with at least five players which is a huge no-no and resulted in a 15 yard penalty. The turnover was overturned and instead of the Steelers punting they were given a first down thanks to the 15 yard penalty. Later on the Chiefs were called for roughing the passer when the Steelers were on the 30 yard line in Kansas City territory that led to the go ahead score at the time. It was just really bad for Kansas City. They couldn't get out of their own ways.

-The run game wasn't great tonight. The Steelers were held to under 100 yards total on the ground and the backs and lineman just didn't get the job done. Isaac Redman didm;t look good at all and put the ball on the turf and it could have cost the Steelers big time. I thought he ran pretty tentative and was missing holes when the line was able to create them. I know that it isn't all the back and it is largely the offensive line but I thought Jon Dwyer looked a lot better than Redman tonight.

-The big story is the injury to Ben Roethlisbeger. He went down in the first series of the third quarter with a right (throwing) shoulder injury and actually left the stadium to get an MRI. There is obviously a lot of rumors flying around but nobody will probably know anything until tomorrow at some point but people within the team are said to not feel real great about it. It is going to be interesting to see what it is because the Steelers have three division games. Two of those are against the Ravens and another against the Browns. Not an ideal time to be hurt and even if it is just one game that Ben misses it will not be good. Ryan Clark also went to the locker room with (another) head injury. Not really sure how bad it is but that is another head concern in the past couple of weeks and he is probably one guy the Steelers can't lose on the defensive side of the ball.

A win is a win. I don't care. The Chiefs came dangerously close to beating the Ravens this year and as I said in the preview they have some talent. It took overtime but the Steelers are now 6-3.

Maybe more to come tomorrow. Keep checking back.

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