Saturday, January 19, 2013

Penguins Video Time Killers

To be honest I am pretty pumped for the game today. I mean it's Flyers/Penguins and there isn't much else you can say about it and if that doesn't get you pumped up then you just might never get pumped up.

When I am bored and waiting for a game to start my go to place is YouTube. Maybe a top five website every I just started watching videos. This actually was started when my dude Adam tweeted this out:

Little does he know that I click on pretty much every link that is tweeted out so this is what came up:

Oh man. Awesome stuff. So, I then turned to YouTube and started searching for some Penguins stuff to watch before the Pitt game came on that would proceed my watching of the Pens. Here are some videos I figured you all might enjoy. Maybe my favorite Penguins YouTube ever. Jagr was ridiculously good. Maybe the first time that playoffs that you knew the Penguins could win the cup. Probably the line bright spot of the playoff series last year Will miss ya Jordan. Thanks for the great times. Geno. This deserves its own blog. Bing.

I could go on forever. If you have any of your own leave it in the comments!

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