Sunday, February 17, 2013

Penguins Game 16 Recap - Penguins 4, Sabres 3

-Huge win. Penguins got up by two in the first minute and a half and pretty much did what they have been doing all year which is suck in the second period. They let the Sabres get back into it and eventually take a 3-2 lead five minutes into the third when Steve Ott scored a goal. All the Penguins did was bounce back and get a Pascal Dupuis goal to tie it. Paul Martin's money shot with just over two minutes left won it. -The Penguins have effectively folded in similar situation this season but it really showed a lot about the team to bounce back and get the tying goal minutes after it seemed that all the wind was out of their sails. -Martin has been just straight cash this year. The puck was on edge and Ryan Miller couldn't see anything as he beat him for the game winning goal. He was great on the defensive end and so far this season he has had some nice contributions on offense. We thought he would be able to give the team some of that when he was signed but the way he has run the power play has been outstanding. -Kris Letang's pass to set up the tying goal should be hung at the White House. Just filthy. -Sidney Crosby with a ho hum day. Three points with a goal and is now only one point behind Thomas Vanek (who scored a goal today) in the scoring lead. He made some mistakes (taking a terrible penalty) but he was clearly the best play on the ice today (and usually is). He is so strong with the puck and while he has had some turnover problems this year his good plays far outweigh his bad ones. -The Penguins have to be more diciplined. Have to. Crosby took a horrible cross check penalty that led to a Buffalo goal and then Chris Kunitz took a horrible slashing penalty that luckily didn't lead to a goal. Stuff like that has to stop. -Evgeni Malkin has been struggling. Nobody can deny that but the Penguins are still winning so it probably isn't being brought up a lot which is OK. If the Penguins can get some wins and points while he is "struggling" then imagine how good it is going to be when he eventually turns it on (because you know he will). -Marc Andre Fleury looked alright. He wasn't as good as he had been recently but he stopped 30-of-33 shots so it wasn't all that bad. The Penguins don't play until Wednesday so he will get some rest but it will be interesting to see who plays in net on Wednesday. It is a game against Philadelphia and then the Penguins play against Florida so you might think that Dan Bylsma would want to play Vokoun against Florida but he hasn't played since February 10 so you would think he needs to get in there but if Disco wants to play Vokoun against his former team (which he likes to do) do you give Vokoun back-to-back starts and not play MAF in a week? Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

-The Penguins lead the Atlantic and have the most points in the East. Not really sure how much you can look into that as most teams have multiple games in hand on the Penguins with the Bruins having four games in hand. You have to think that will even out come next weekend with the Penguins playing on two games between tomorrow and Saturday but tough to see where they really stand with some many games still out there.

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