Monday, February 25, 2013

Turns Out The Pirates Aren't A Terrible Franchise

While that headline might have caught your attention it might have been a little misleading. Maybe. Today Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times brought up a pretty interesting point in Pittsburgh Pirates history when 40,000 days ago today the Buccos used a doubleheader sweep over the Philadelphia Phillies to move their franchise record to .500. The Pirates have not gone under .500 as a franchise since that time. Chris goes on to tell you that the Pirates have 104 more wins than losses so they are pretty far away from being a .500 franchise over their existence.

This might be a "who gives a crap" piece of information but for a lot of the fan base they don't know the Pirates as anything but a complete and utter failure. Sure, the past 20 years have been brutally bad but that shouldn't take away from a ton of good years that the team has had and will hopefully have in the future.

Check the link out if you haven't already because there are a ton of "Day-versaries" and "Anniversaries" that Chris goes through including this day in 1999 when the Pirates traded Tony Womack to Arizona. Oh Tony Womack, you were the man.

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