Sunday, March 24, 2013

Penguins Game 33 Recap - Pittsburgh 2, Philadelphia 1 (OT)

  -Regulation, overtime, shootout, it doesn't matter. The Penguins play 60 minutes of good, hard hockey and they play more if needed and they come back and win. It was the fourth (I think) time this season the Penguins have won a game by coming back in the third period when they entered the period with zero goals. That is a NHL record. It is their world and right now we are all just living in it. Just unreal stuff. 

-If you didn't hear (or live under a rock) the Penguins traded for Brenden Morrow. You can read about it [here]. No idea when he will be with the team. 

-This game was unlike the last few. It was played pretty well defensively and both goaltenders were making plays. There were scoreless periods played (!) and the Penguins actually went into the third period down 1-0. It really wasn't the typical Penguins/Flyers game from the past couple of years but the good part is the Penguins can play any kind of game. You want to run and gun? They can run and gun. You want to keep it tight? They can play defense and scores timely goals. Even though there wasn't the offensive output this was still a great hockey game to watch. 

-The Penguins scored on a 5-on-3 power play and already the Flyers are whining about it.
I guess according to Brayden Schenn you are allowed to slash a stick out of a players hands in front of an official and drag down a player that is pretty much on a breakaway. Must play by different rules in Philadelphia.

-Claude Giroux scored the lone Flyers goal on the power play but he must have got hurt some short time after that because he was completely invisible. I honestly can't remember him playing. But, hey, best player in the world. Or something. 

-It really was only a matter of time. The first line was on point all game and if it wasn't for a pretty outstanding effort from Ilya Bryzgalov then this game might have been out of hand. Crosby just continues to really amaze and you felt like he was going to make something happen, and he did. I don't think I have every watched a player that was as strong with the puck as he is. When he has the puck you are not getting it off of him and his vision is something you really can't even begin to explain. 

-Tyler Kennedy takes a lot of guff from Penguins fans and for the most part this season he has deserved it. Tonight he came up big time. In overtime he took a rolling puck and settled it down, took the extra second, and fired a rocket that went top shelf for the game winner. I think something that is pretty big for Kennedy is that when Morrow comes and gets on the ice he will play on the second or third line and that will let Kennedy get some fourth line minutes where he can be really effective. The Penguins make themselves better just having Morrow but to be able to improve the fourth line (which has been bad) by putting Kennedy on it is huge. Kennedy isn't as bad as most people make him out to be and we saw tonight that when he puts it on net he can make things happen and couple that with his hard work ethic and willingness to get dirty and you got a guy who could be really good for the fourth line. 

-Marc-Andre Fleury over the last five games has given up five goals. He has had some really good stretches through his career but this has to be one of the best of them. He got beat by Giroux on kind of a bad bounce but he stood tall the entire game and gave his team a chance to come back. Really great to see.

-After a 5-4 win in a shootout over Toronto on March 9th the Penguins were in the midst of a streak where they had given up 17 goals in four straight games. That is not good, even though they won all four of those games that is something you can't continue to do that. They talked after that game about how they needed to tighten things up and all they did was go the next eight games and only give up nine goals (including tonight). They have given up two goals or less in all of those eight games and really it is just so impressive. It is like a switch was flipped and they decided to not give up goals and other teams were just going to have to deal with it.

-Huge game on Tuesday. The Penguins are five points up on the Canadiens for the top spot in the Eastern Conference but the Habs have two games in hand so a regulation win would be massive.

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