Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Penguins Game 38 Recap - Rangers 6, Penguins 1

-Woof, that was brutally bad. The Penguins looked pretty disinterested for much of the game and by the time they were able to crack the scoreboard it was already 4-0 and things were pretty well out of hand by that time. 

-Nobody was good. At all. 

-The Rangers really played a nice game. They aren't a really good hockey team but they came out with more on the line and it showed. The Penguins have handled them in the three previous games but tonight it was all Rangers. They were in the Penguins mouth and earned the win. 

-In all honesty I am just going to chalk this up as one of those games. Games like this happen to every team every season. The Penguins haven't really had this problem happen recently but it is part of the game. To be honest with you this really doesn't worry me much. The Penguins have a lot of new bodies in the lineup plus missing a few of their top performers from this season. Mark Eaton was a scratch tonight and things just really looked new for everyone. Things are new for some guys out there. Lines were being mixed at a pretty substantial rate and when you aren't comfortable with anyone on the team it begins to get tough. I am not trying to pose this as an excuse because the team was REALLY bad tonight, but from what I have seen so far from this team I wouldn't imagine this would be the team we see going into the playoffs or even over the next few games. After a long winning streak there is bound to be a lull. The Penguins have yet to lose three games in a row this season and this is only the fourth time they have lost consecutive games. That being said the only time the Penguins seem to lose is when they lose in pairs. This was the second of this pair. I expect to see a much different team on Friday.

-That's it for me. Turn the page on this one.

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