Sunday, April 14, 2013

Penguins Game 42 Recap - Penguins 3, Panthers 1


-Not much from me as I was driving for the entire game and only got to listen to it on the radio but from what I was able to gather it was a game where the talent won out. The Panthers are not a good or talented team and they played the Penguins really tight but in the end the Penguins just had more top end talent and that is why they won the game.

 -There was some talk a little while ago about Brenden Morrow wondering if he was a good guy to pick up at the deadline. Well, tonight kind of proved the point that sometimes it takes new players some time to feel comfortable with a new team and once they get comfortable things will start to fall. Morrow netted a pair of goals (one empty net) and assisted on the other and his name was being said by Mike Lange almost every other second. He was everywhere. Great to see, especially with Evgeni Malkin out.

 -Speaking of Malkin, he missed the game and from what I gather his shoulder got banged up again in the Penguins game in Tampa Bay and if that is the case then it is not good. Shoulders are really hard to come back from and with the Penguins win and losses by Boston and Montreal this basically wraps up the top seed in the East in favor of the Pens. Malkin should not see the ice for another regular season game. I am not sure if two weeks is going to be enough to get him healthy but I don't see any reason why he should be back out there for a regular season game if there is any doubt about his health. I don't think he will be close to 100% at any point from now until the Penguins are done but for him to be at his best he needs to not use that shoulder for a while and get a ton of treatment.

 -Marc-Andre Fleury will often get overlooked in games like this but the save he made on the breakaway with under a minute left in regulation and the Penguins only up one is the reason he is a big deal. He stopped 25-of-26 shots and while Morrow and Beau Bennett are going to get deserved props MAF deserves the same because a leaky goal here or there and this is probably a loss for the Penguins.

-Bennett doesn't get a lot of ice time (11 minutes tonight) but he is a noticeable player on the ice when he is on there. He has gotten so much better this season and the way he has improved his defensive game makes him really hard to take off the ice and he might find his way into the lineup when the playoffs start.

-So as we sit now the Penguins have 64 points with 42 games played. Montreal has 57 points and Boston has 56 and both teams have only played 41 games. So at worst the Penguins are five points up with all games even and to make up five points with only six games to play is nearly impossible to do. The Penguins play both teams this week and if they lose both games in regulation then they are in some trouble but if they get any points then it will all but officially be over. Huge week for the Penguins though.

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