Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Penguins Game 43 Recap - Penguins 6, Canadiens 4

 -This game wasn't nearly as close as the score may lead you to believe. After building up an early 3-0 lead the Penguins only trailed by less than that for a total of like a minute and a half. Coming into the game the Habs were the second best team in the Eastern Conference and the Penguins treated them like they were the Florida Panthers. Hell, the actual Florida Panthers gave the Penguins a better game on Saturday.

 -Montreal is just a complete mess right now. Ever since they clinched a playoff berth they have been pretty awful. Don't get it twisted, the Penguins were really good tonight and I don't think there was any team (maybe sans Blackhawks) that would have kept up with them, but the Habs are really bad. For the third consecutive game Montreal used both of its goaltenders and each of them gave up three goals. Bad times in Montreal, bad times.

 -The Penguins were just all over it. They had a 3-0 lead after the first period on goals from Brandon Sutter, Brenden Morrow and a power play tally from Jarome Iginla. Things were all good. They got the fourth goal of the game from Morrow and then another tally on the power play from Sutter (assisted by Morrow) after the Penguins let the Habs have a goal so they wouldn't leave the rink and go home. It was really over from there. Things were semi interesting when Montreal made it a two goal game with 16 minutes left but then Douglas Murray (yes, Murray) scored 1:15 later off a faceoff to end the game.

-I talked about it on Saturday and have been saying it for about a week but Morrow is getting really good the longer he is here. He is starting to take over the game whenever he is on the ice and without leaders Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby this is exactly what the Penguins need to keep winning hockey games. He was all over the ice tonight and might now be a legend among Pens fans after PK Subban started to have an episode and after Subban started a fight with Morrow and basically turtled he told Subban that if he wanted to go then they can go after they get out of the box. Subban later got tossed from the game. What an effort.

-I talked about how good Morrow has been but Murray has maybe been just as good. I wasn't really expecting a lot from him when the Penguins acquired him but he really has given the defense another look. Sure, he can't skate well and he isn't going to give you anything offensively (he did tonight though) but he does really lay the lumber and is usually in good position.

-Every one of the Penguins that scored a goal tonight was not on the team last year. Pretty crazy to think about.

-The Penguins can clinch the top seed in the East with a win any fashion on Friday. The Penguins magic number is now three with the Boston shootout loss to Buffalo so if the Penguins beat Boston on Friday the Penguins will win the Eastern Conference.

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