Monday, April 22, 2013

Penguins Game 45 Recap - Penguins 3, Senators 1


-To be perfectly honest there was so much hype going into this game with Matt Cooke and the whole Erik Karlsson incident that I really didn't feel like much was going to happen. Chris Neal tried to get Cooke to drop the gloves and Cooke respectfully declined and that was about it. The vaunted whatever group that started the Cooke hate group maybe booed twice all night. Just embarrassing that they made this up to be a big deal. Cooke picked up a late assist and probably laughed at the three Sens fans that were still there.

 -This game really was kind of boring. The Penguins scored a pair of goals in the first period and after that it was pretty much the Penguins trying not to lose the game and just get things done. It felt like it was an optional skate and the Penguins invited over some community college to practice with them. The Senators tried but they just really weren't that good. At all.

 -Tomas Vokoun picked up his 300th win of his career. Good on Vokoun and he has been pretty much everything the Penguins could have wanted. He was the starter tonight thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury being at the hospital for the birth of his daughter and really nothing skipped a beat. The Sens got a goal but overall Vokoun was really good as he stopped 34-of-35 shots. He might play one more game this season but Dan Bylsma said that Fleury was going to start three of the last four before tonight so I wouldn't be shocked if MAF got the nods from here on out.

 -Speaking of Bylsma he earned his 200th career victory tonight, all with the Penguins.

 -Seems as if the Penguins wanted to work on the penalty kill tonight as they took a bunch of penalties. They ended up killing all but one of the Senators power plays and generally looked good.

 -Dustin Jeffrey got into the action tonight and scored a goal and assisted on a Jarome Iginla goal a few minutes later. Good to see DJ get in there and contribute.

-While Senators management was worried about CSI investigations and worried about punishing Cooke they might want to worry about making the playoffs. With a Jets win and the Ottawa loss they are only one point up on the Jets. Sure, they have a game in hand but would it be overly shocking to see the Senators miss the playoffs? It would actually be kinda funny. Right now they are the eighth seed and if things ended tonight (they don't) the Penguins would be playing them in the first round.

-Penguins play Buffalo in like six minutes.

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