Sunday, April 28, 2013

Penguins Game 48 Recap - Penguins 8, Hurricanes 3

-This was exactly what the Penguins needed before the season ended. They came out as the better team and showed it. They were better than the last two teams they faced the last couple of games and they looked really good. There should be very limited worry about this team going into the playoffs because while they gave up a two goal lead they completely dominated the game.

-James Neal came back and all he did was put three pucks in the back of the net. That will do James, that will do.

-Paul Martin came back and played almost 24 minutes. He will be OK.

-As it comes down to it the Penguins will play either the Islanders or Sens in the first round. I am OK with either team.

-The Penguins power play is just unfair.

-The Penguins were unreal dominating and Sidney Crosby wasn't playing. Yikes

-Playoffs for the Penguins will start Wednesday.

-Carolina tried to hand with the Penguins but they were just too good.

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