Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pirates Game 20 Recap - Pirates 2, Phillies 0

-This game was largely like the game that took place last night only instead of the Phillies winning it was the Pirates were were able to pick up a win. Yesterday it was a lesser known pitcher beating up on one of the Pirates best (A.J. Burnett) and today it was a young guy who has really struggled in Jeff Locke who was able to go out and beat one of the Phillies best in Cole Hamels. Nice win for the Pirates.

-Locke probably pitched the best game of the season for the Pirates tonight. He went six innings and struck out six batters while only giving up two hits. The big number is that he only walked two Philies hitters and that limited the damage. Where he was getting in trouble before was putting too many free guys on base and when the opposition was getting hits they were driving those guys in. Not tonight. He pitched out of some damage early on and gave the pen a little bit of rest. They needed it.

-Tony Watson bridged the gap in the seventh inning and really had a nice outing. I don't know what it is about Watson but he makes me nervous every single time he is on the mound. He made the pitches today and if you can give Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli a multiple run lead then the chances are pretty good that the Pirates are going to win.

-Gaby Sanchez got the start tonight thanks to a lefty being on the bump and he came through again. He went 2-for-3 with a double and a home run that gave the Pirates a two run lead in the eighth inning. He might not get a ton of playing time but when he has been in he has given good at bats and already has a couple of home runs. Good on Gaby.

-While I am not a fan at all of Brandon Inge being on the roster he came through tonight and played a pretty good game. He got the Pirates on the board in the fourth inning with a double to deep right centerfield. For the record I don't have a problem with Inge as much as I do with he and John McDonald both being on the team. I would probably rather have Inge on the team and have Jordy Mercer on instead of McDonald but right now the Pirate bench got significantly worse. That being said you have to love a guy coming in and knocking in what would turn out to be the game winning run. I would love to be proven wrong about Inge but a few at bats and him turning a double play to say that he is going to give the Pirates anything substantial.

-The Pirates pitching staff notched 11 strikeouts. Nice.

-In the end the Pirates should have probably won last night and Hamels probably deserved better for his start. Right now the Pirates evened the series and look to get into the drives seat tomorrow when they face Roy Halladay.

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