Friday, April 26, 2013

Pirates Game 23 Recap - Cardinals 9, Pirates 1

-I was unable to watch a vast majority of this game because of other obligations so this will be brief. It looks like I picked a good game to miss as there was a good bit of drama and all in all the Pirates got worked.

-The big news was that Jonathan Sanchez got tossed from the game without recording an out. After giving up back-to-back home runs to lead off the game Sanchez went up and in to Allen Craig and nearly hit him in the head. Sanchez was immediately tossed from the game. He finished with a line that was pretty awful: 0.0+ IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 2 HR. Might have been best that he was tossed out as it could have been really ugly. Sanchez should have thrown his last pitch as a Pirates. He has been too terrible and all he has done is forced the Pirates pen to throw at least seven innings each outing. It was already a mistake to send him back out there today but if he pitches again someone should be under heat.

-Obviously after Sanchez was tossed both teams got warned and that should of settled it. Unfortunately Starling Marte got got hit not once but twice by Cardinals starter Lance Lynn. Now the first hit by pitch was just an inside fastball that ran in and hit Marte. No big deal. A lot of people think that since the teams were warned that any time you hit a player your pitcher gets tossed. That isn't how the "rule" works. If the umpire feels it is intentional then he tosses the pitcher and he didn't feel that was necessary. The second time Marte got hit Lynn should have been tossed. No question. Actually the Pirate had another coach tossed after Clint Hurdle was run with Sanchez. No idea how Lynn stays in the game.

-I am not really sure what this means going forward but I hope it is not one of these things where we complain about whether A.J. Burnett should throw at hitters tomorrow or going forward. Jared Hughes came in later and went high and tight on Lynn and it seemed like that was a response but you have to imagine that there will be a ton of talk about Burnett going after someone tomorrow. People are going to refer to last year and what happened with the Reds but I am not a big believer, at all, that was the reason the Pirates lost. As much fun as giving good teams free base runners are I would be much happier just getting a win tomorrow. Knowing Burnett though he might want to try to make a point.

-After Sanchez was tossed it didn't get much better. Jeanmar Gomez came in and threw 4.1 innings and gave up three runs followed by Hughes who threw 2.2 innings and gave up two hits and two walks and it was finished off by Vin Mazzaro who gave up five hits, and four runs in only one inning of work. Nobody of substance was really used and in a game that never really felt like the Pirates had a chance I guess we can consider that a win. I guess.

-The Pirates had some chances in this game. They were getting base runners on base when they were down two or three runs but just couldn't get that one hit. The Cardinals put the game out of reach (so to speak) in the fifth inning but in the second, third, and fourth the Pirates had runners on they just couldn't get anything going. It happens.

-Day game for the Pirates tomorrow so they can get back out there and forget about this game. It was ugly. Turn the page.

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