Thursday, April 25, 2013

Steelers Select Jarvis Jones

In what most are calling the worst kept secret in the draft the Steelers got the guy they wanted in the first round in Georgia outside rush linebacker Jarvis Jones. Jones is a little old at 23 thanks to losing a year in college transfering from USC to Georgia but the last two years he made 28 sacks and did an outstanding job of causing havoic in the backfield so you can see why the Steelers wanted to take him.

The knock on Jones was that he lacked the straight line speed with a slow 40 yard dash and he is somewhat of a health risk with a neck injury he had in his freshman year at USC. The USC doctors didn't clear him to play so Jones went for other opinions and that is really why he transfered. The Georgia doctors gave him the OK to play (as did some other doctors from what I understand) and he was off with a productive final two years.

Overall the Steelers were thrilled to get him. While I am not a huge fan of Jones because of the medicals and some problems that many have seen of his inability to get off blocks I am not sure there were many better options when the pick came to the Steelers. They were in a huge need for a pass rusher now that James Harrison is gone and while this might be a high risk pick it is also a high reward pick. The Steelers are extremely strong in the first round of drafts and if they thinkn it is the right pick then I am all in with it.

Here is the [breakdown of Jones from]. Mike Mayock said about the Steelers pick:

"He's a pretty good fit there in Pittsburgh. If you look at the Pittsburgh edge at linebackers, this kid fits from a body type and an explosion perspective. I think he'll get on the field and challenge Jason Worilds for the starting spot."

If you know me you know that I think Mayock is the best in the game at what he does. I know he liked the pick before the draft and I trust his word over most anyone else.

Here are some highlights of Jones. To be honest I didn't see a lot of Georgia games so there isn't much more for me to add here:

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