Thursday, May 9, 2013

Belated Willie Stargell Historical Items

I totally missed this yesterday but Chris Jaffe over at the Hardball Times noted in a piece of his that May 8th was the 40th anniversary of Willie Stargell hitting the ball entirely out of Dodger Stadium. It was the second time he did it and no one else has ever done it. Pretty cool stuff that if you weren't alive at the time (me) or just have forgot about it (most everyone else) that you put into perspective the raw power that Stargell had.

You can read what Jaffe wrote about here. Take a look at it.

Also an anniversary that Jaffe points out was that on May 8, 1963 Stargell hit his first ever home run. Good stuff. There are some other Pirates historical stuff in the piece so give it a read.

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