Thursday, May 9, 2013

Penguins Game 34 Recap - Mets 3, Pirates 2

-This is a game that was very frustrating for those of you that were able to watch it since the game was not on ROOT Sports. Jeff Locke pitched a really nice game but the offense didn't show up against a pedestrian pitcher and with some horrible late game management tactics the Mets walked it off in the ninth inning.

-Locke was really good again. He threw six innings and gave up only three hits and while he threw 97 pitches I was a little surprised that he was yanked after six innings with how easy he was getting through a pretty bad Mets lineup. He did walk three guys which isn't good but he was able to get out of innings and get a lot of weak contact. He hasn't been great in every start but he is starting to get some sort of consistency over the last four starts that is really encouraging to see.

-Maybe the worst thing to happen tonight was that the Pirates actually used Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli in a tie game but it was the Mets who were able to get the win off Grilli. This almost guarantees that Grilli will not be used in a tie game for a long time. It didn't help that Brandon Inge made a fairly routine play look like the toughest play in baseball to lead to the eventual game winning run reaching first base but whatever. Inge is a get veteran guy in the locker room though!

-All told the bullpen just isn't really good outside of Melancon and Grilli. I talk a lot of bullpen management and how Hurdle is just brutally bad at it but outside of those two the pen struggles. Tony Watson has been pretty bad this year and while Justin Wilson has been pretty good in the long roll there are still too many guys like Vin Mazzaro back there that are relied on for too many important innings.

-While I talked about pitching and defense for much of the recap so far the offense was what really cost the Pirates today. Facing a guy who has struggled for almost the entire season in Dillon Gee the Pirates should have been able to muster more than a single run and five hits off him. The Mets pen has been pretty brutal and the Pirates weren't able to do anything against it.

-Pedro Alvarez drove in both runs including a game tying bomb which was good to see but outside of him and Andrew McCutchen (two hits) there really wasn't much going on offensively.

=Pirates are back at it tomorrow. A split is probably the worst case scenario that the Pirates wanted coming in and right now they are putting themselves behind the eight ball early.

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