Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pirates Game 28 Recap - Pirates 6, Brewers 4

-This game was a little bit different than most. A little bit different in that both teams combined for less than 25 runs and the Pirates won. Yup, you read that right, the Pirates won. Games in early May usually aren't all that big or important but it feels really good to get at least one win out of this series. The Pirates have played dreadful baseball in Miller Park over the past six or so years and to get a win in a three game series really feels good. They end the road trip at 6-4 playing against the Phillies, Cardinals, and Brewers. I will take that.

-Jeanmar Gomez got the job done, I guess. He wasn't particularly good but he gave the Pirates a chance to win despite some bad defense. He only went four innings, which isn't ideal, and gave up four hits while walking two and gave up three runs (two earned). The Pirates got the win and that is all that matters but I wouldn't be truthful with you guys if I said I thought Gomez should get another shot at a start.

-The pen really picked up Gomez. They have had a few light nights for one reason or another and while they really got taken to the woodshed last night they stepped up in a big way today. Just Wilson worked the long role today with 2.1 innings and giving up only a run and then was followed by Bryan Morris who induced a double play from Ryan Braun in a pretty tight situation. Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli were their usual stud selves and that is it.

-The Pirates used the long ball again to get the offense started (and finished). Pedro Alvarez hit a 412 foot bomb to tie the game at one in the second and Michael McKenry closed the Pirates game to one in the seventh with a 400 foot home run. Starling Marte got the final dagger as he went to center for what would be the game winning home run. He went deep last night that gave the Pirates the lead late and today he hit another one that the pen made count.

-Brandon Inge with two hits. I don't even know.

-Jose Tabata had a pair of hits but had to leave the game after sliding into second base and injuring his leg. I think. Travis Snider came in and got a single right before the Marte home run so the right field position went 3-for-6. I can deal with that even if all three hits were singles.

-Just a good win. A winning road trip and the Pirates are now 16-12 after a brutal March/April schedule. I probably wouldn't have thought this was really a probable spot for the Pirates to be in but that doesn't mean it isn't fun and exciting to watch this team battle every night.

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