Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pirates Game 30 Recap - Nationals 5, Pirates 4

- I didn't get to watch this game at all but from what I gather it was highly frustrating. For much of his tenure I haven't been a Clint Hurdle fan and today was the grade A reason way I don't.

-All told this wasn't a terrible game for the Pirates. They went against one of the National Leagues best and took him to the limit. Stephen Strasburg hasn't been great lately but he has been pretty good and in the past the Pirates would have folded against him but the Pirates did a pretty good job against him.

-The bullpen management in this game was laughable. It is typical Clint Hurdle so I am not surprised but that doesn't mean he should get a pass for it. These are some of the tweets I saw as I was on my way home:

That is all I need to point out for now. I don't get overly upset about the Pirates because they are entertainment and it is just a game but this quote from Hurdle just had me furious:

This basically tells me that Hurdle doesn't care about winning close games. It is both embarrassing and incredibly wrong but I am not getting into it.

-Clint Barmes hit a home run today. So, yay?

-Starling Marte continues to be really good. He only had one hit but it was a two run bomb.

-Barmes was the only Pirate with more than one hit. He had two.

-Jeff Locke wasn't great but he wasn't terrible either. He went five plus innings and left with runners on first and second with no outs in the sixth. He walked three which isn't good but he was yanked with only 74 pitches and he had only given up a pair of runs and three hits. I didn't see the game so I can't speak to the effectiveness of Locke but I have a hard time rationalizing brining on rookies for Locke who has been really good recently.

-Nothing else from me. Hurdle has me more pissed than I have ever been with the Pirates. Just inexcusable.

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